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the Musicality freak program

Practice the mastery of core musicality, dance, rhythm and soul of music. With Daniel Mambo Brown Souza.

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This course is for everyone who is interested in dance and music, specifically latin styles.


We’ll talk about music instruments, dance styles, dance technique, tools for enhancing learning, song structures, history, culture, mental and physical aspects of dance and music, theory and practice on this field.


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Musicality Freak Program
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"Thanks to Daniel's Musicality Bootcamps, I understand and hear the music very differently. Daniel shares his incredibly deep knowledge of music and rhythm and always shows the dance implementation. The workshops were very valuable to me - thank you very much!"
"The Musical Freak series is perfectly coordinated to build on each other. It is very instructive, alternating with video review and assessment. It is not a standard, but rather a dynamic course structure such as e.g. instruments, steps to the respective instrument use and the associated body movements. Try it out, it's fun. Greetings"

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Challenging musicality challenges, for all levels, to empower mind and body.